Inteplast Groups

Inteplast Group

Inteplast Group is proud to offer a wide range of quality products designed with a strong commitment to excellence and integrity. Through our three divisions—AmTopp, Integrated Bagging Systems (IBS), and World-Pak—we manufacture a synergistic and diverse product line that includes stretch films, BOPP films, plastic bags, PVC sheets, and many other plastic products.


Inteplast's AmTopp Division, one of the leading domestic BOPP film suppliers in the U.S., manufactures films for packaging, labeling, and industrial tape applications.

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Stretch Film

AmTopp produces machine film, hand film, and specialty films for wrapping pallets, roping, bundling, spiral and other applications.

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Inteplast manufactures a complete range of Linear Low Density (LLDPE) produce bags and snack bags.

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The Inteplast Group manufactures both High Density (HDPE) t-shirt bags and High Density and Linear Low Density retail and merchandise bags.

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Janitorial & Sanitation

Our Integrated Bagging Systems produces one of the most complete ranges of trash can liners in the industry for both industrial and consumer use.

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Food Service

We manufacture a full line of flexible food packaging, bags, gloves, aprons, table covers, deli and sandwich supplies, rack covers, pan covers, ice bags and other food service items.

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Healthcare Solutions

Serving medical facilities and hospitals, we create specimen transport bags, biohazard bags, patient’s belonging bags, and sterility kit covers among other state-of-the-art products.

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Industrial Programs

The Inteplast Group provides a single-source solution for industrial bag product the food, retail, agricultural, medical, and government industries to name a few.

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Graphic Arts

IntePro offers corrugated plastic sheets for indoor and outdoor graphic art signage applications. It has high quality printing surface and is versatile for reuse and recycle.

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Sustainable Packaging

To underscore our commitment to environment we offer environmentally-friendly plastic bag options to our customers like compostable bags and can liners.

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