Environmentally Friendly

Since 1991 Inteplast Building Products has been developing high-quality, durable, PVC building products for the building and construction industries, and remains committed to being a steward of the environment. The use of PVC building products help to:

• slow down the rate at which we fill our land­fills.
• reduce our dependence on fresh, natural resources.
• lessen greenhouse gas emissions.

With the ever increasing demands for water, sanitation, energy, health services, and economic security, PVC building products play an important role in improving people’s lives and conserving natural resources.

Conserving Natural Resources

PVC products’ durability play an important role in sustainability because they tend to have a longer lifecycle, which means less energy and resource consumption is used.

Stains and Chemical Preservatives

Although EPA & its agency has continued working on risk assessment, the potential unknown risk of the chemical & wood preservatives used to protect wood from rot and pests that leech into the soil and water supplies could be a threat to the environment as well as health concern for people and pets.

Even if you aren’t using pre-treated lumber, the maintenance and upkeep of traditional wood decks and porches requires the use of toxic finishes like stain and paint, which you’ll have to use annually to maintain the surface and safety of your deck.


PVC building products are 100% recyclable. Above you see the resin identification code (RIC) of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) according to Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI).

At the end of their long lives, our PVC products can be recycled into other high quality products like pipes, window profiles, flooring, roofing membranes, and coated fabrics.